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September 04, 2008


Check this out. A video that shows hilarity and honor are not mutually exclusive.

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You Gotta See:

You gotta see Mean Streets. You probably have. But if you haven’t, you gotta see it.



I love that the GOP calls the media Sexist when it questions Governor Palin’s experience and readiness to be a heart murmer from the Oval Office, but continue to push her as a “Babe” (Rush Limbaugh), delegates wearing campaign pins that read the “Hot Governor from the Cold Country.” They should change the Republican mascot from the Elephant to the Cougar.



My friend, Chris Henchy, asked me the other day, “if I could only have one work art to look at the rest of my life, what would it be?”





You know that mail that you get from a bank or the IRS that is an envelope and a letter all in one piece of paper? And you have to rip the edges? Netfliz envelopes are sort of like that. Sometimes, purely by accident, I will keep opening the envelope and tearing perforated edges until there is nothing left of the document itself.




See more funny videos at Funny or Die