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October 04, 2011

This is an old spin off of "Cooper Ball" a pre-game, drinking game we invented in college. Calvin and Hobbes fans? Remember Calvin Ball? Kinda like that. This is a spin off game now that im responsible and tied down to a desk job...


From your desk chair try to shoot through the holes of the music stand that is duct taped to the tripod and hit the bottom of the laundry basket. Drink and shit talk your opponet.

You will need:

  Sheet music stand off of a YAMAHA YPT-210 keyboard

Round blue laundry basket from Target. (Color optional but

must be from Target. Fuck Wal-Mart)

  Duct Tape

  Nerf Maverick Rev-6 blaster with 6 suction darts



3 points for sticking (doesn’t have to be the whole round, say 5 seconds)

  2 points for getting it in the basket

  1 point for “Squirrling” (barley getting the dart through the sheet music stand) or missing the basket.

  -1 point for the shooter if the opponent catches a rebound dart without moving his ass from the chair. 

  Lighting Round (one per game) chug a beer while the shooter scores double for any points if you cant finish the beer before he/she (are any girls ever going to play this?) fires all 6 darts.  



  Each player gets an equal number of turns. First player to 20 wins. Must win by 3 points!


Other Rules:


  No drinks on the computer desk!

  Misfires = Question the shooters sexuality and or ethnicity. Shooter drinks.

  All scores must be reported in a proper British accent. 
  Trash Talk like a MoFo.

  Go to RadioAwesome.com Click the “Listen Now” button and your ready to play.