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April 17, 2010


   I was just reading my brother Dave's blog, and he got me thinking. (I know, that could be dangerous!) Man, it's kinda obvious that corporations have America by the balls! Dave's example dealt with his sattelite TV provider, and how they were wanting him to pay extra money for a new reciever to get his brand new tv to work properly. He already pays out his ass to get the service that he has, why do they want more? Maybe the CEO for the satellite company has to finance a new boat or a vacation? You can bet that the customer service rep that he spoke with was given specific instructions to "milk the customer for whatever you can", and do it with a smile.
    It's not just the cable and satellite companys that are bleeding the consumers. It is most of the companies that know that you Have to use the services that they offer. Gas companies have been making record profits year after year, but yet they allowed gas to get over $4 a gallon. This, in turn, affected the American transportation infrastructure. Anything that had to be shipped by trucks, trains, planes, or ships jumped up to outrageous prices. Farmers had to up the prices due to rising cost to them, grocery stores had to raise the prices too. It was a steamroll effect! But, the American consumers understood the increases due to gas prices.
Now, in the past year the gas prices have dropped drastically. Did that have any affect on the prices in your local grocery store? Fuck no! The prices have stayed at the prices that companies raised them to when gas was expensive. Even though it is a bit cheaper for them to ship products, companies are not going to share the savings with the consumer.
Something that is pissing me off as a consumer, is the fact that corporations are acting as if "All Americans are Dumbasses"! Did you notice the higher prices on that box of "Fruit Loops" that you just bought? Of course you did! But, what most people don't see, is the fact that the box is smaller. It may be a half inch smaller than the one that is in your cabinet at home. They are trying to play games with us! So, what does this mean when my box of "Fruit Loops" is smaller? To me, it means that I just got shit out of 50 Fruit Loops! If I want less, I expect to pay less! Oh, and how about that word "SALE"? They attatch that word to a product, and people automatically think that it is a good deal. This is not really true. If you see a "buy one get one free", I suggest you look twice before you buy. The deal is for 16oz. Crushed Tomatoes, and it is "buy one get one". Well, if you look at the same product on the shelf below, it is a 32oz. can, it is a better deal. Stores have a policy of putting the cheaper deals on the bottom shelf, hoping that you will not see them. They put the most expensive shit at "eye level" in hopes that you will buy it. Sometimes I'll come out of a store with dirty knees from looking on the bottom shelves. (And, nobody is getting any pleasures except me!)
Yes, it's true! The American consumer is getting screwed! It has been going on for years, and now with a bad economy, people are starting to open thier eyes. They are now pinching pennies like they have never done before. This is making the "Fat cat" corporations struggle, and they are loosing the trust of many consumers. We, as a society, are now demanding more "bang for the buck", and the companies have to do something about it. The companies can no longer try to get over on the public without suffering the consequences! Those who try will end up out of business. It is just ashame that some honest small businesses have to be caught up in this mess. I do feel bad for the "Mom and Pop" shops that can't survive, and I'll do what little I can to give them my business. But, I'm tight with my money just like everyone else is.
The economy will be fixed in the future. When it finally gets on track, we as consumers, need to learn from this lesson. We can't afford to let these companies go back to screwing us over! We have to fight for what is ours, and stick together as a society. I have a good job now, but I can't afford to lose it. Today is fine, but what about tomorrow? I don't know, but I hope that it gets better.