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July 20, 2009


 Forty years since touchdown today and NASA is still using foam insulation for the shuttle's main launch rocket.   Foam that will obviously break off and scratch the orbiter each and every time they launch.   But they keep using it.   So, in spite of their poor judgement at times,  I salute them for their effort.   In an era when Vietnam was heating up and JFK was atop the CIA's most wanted list,  what becomes apparent is the power of determinant momentum.   And from this achievement should come a clarity in one's own little world.  The idea that every problem has a solution.   Mathematics is the language of the rich.   To be truly wealthy is to not waste time.   It took a large team of specialized engineers years of intense collaboration to produce the lunar landing.   It should be celebrated as one of the few times that such intense effort was employed without immediately yielding some sort of direct military advantage.   Russia was pissed, sure,  but it's not like we started firing lasers from the moon at them in 1972.   Or did we?