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May 02, 2009


Here we are with my 4th DeathScratch( If your just tuning in, thats the "new and improved" name for blog). Its currently 2:15 am here in Utah, and I cant help but think about the joys of sleep. I often think about all of the amazing things I would accomplish if I never got tired and needed sleep, but I just recently realized what a curse that would be. For starters: The pressure would be on non-stop. If I never had to sleep and people knew about it they would automatically think that I must be getting all sorts of things done with my time. I dont like to do things and I dont want to be responsible for using my time wisely. Also I love that when I dont want to deal with something I can just go to sleep. Fighting with the wife=Go to sleep, Bored at work=Go to sleep, Housework to be done=Go to sleep. Its like a mini time machine.  Sleep is the ultimate tool! Plus if you are really tired and people know it, they wont ask you to do stuff. Its great. Who is gonna want to ask the sleepy guy to help him move? Not I. Plus if you didnt get a lot of sleep the night before, its a great excuse to be rude to people. As you can see, sleep is not just for re-charging of the body. It is a gift that we should cherish and never wish away. This one's for you Sleep.