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April 14, 2010


I have to share this little tid bit of news with you people because I'm basically shocked and really do have to wonder WTF???

So, today's lunch hour finds me in Subway.  I"m in line to dress my sandwich and take a seat to kick back and relax.  The guy ahead of me has glanced over a couple of times and then ever so nonchalantly says "Those are nice."   I respond by saying "Thanks.  I got them at the crystal and gem show that comes through the Agra Center every year."  Then he says " I was talking bout your tits."     I then simply state " I hate it when men use that term." and didn't look his way again until he was out the door.

Mind you, I was wearing a v-neck tee shirt from old navy, but it wasn't like the sisters were on display by any means...so what in the world was this guy up to?  Was he serious? Was he having a laugh? (If so, he sure as hell didn't get one...HA!)  

Anywho...that was just so totally strange that I had to share :)