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Published January 03, 2013


Lovely Nikki Quinn


Oh my heart: you hurtful witch,

What is up with thee?

You give me life,

I need you dear;

But this is killing me.


For 43, how long you’ve been,

You never seemed to care.

What is it now

That makes you want

To go and pierce me there?


It’s just a day I’m out of touch

I think it’s been a year.

Oh! My God,

My eye is wet

No way that that’s a tear.


It isn’t that I’m sad,

It’s just some kind of trick.

But my gut feels odd,

I’m out of breath,

I must be getting sick.


But this is nothing new,

In books I’ve often read:

How guy runs into

Perfect girl

And wishes he was dead.


Love takes time I do believe,

Not like a lightening streak.

I’ve said this straight for

Three days now…

And it’s only made me weak.


I need my brain to override -

This just needs more gestation.

It isn’t love

That feels this way,

It’s unmet expectation.



It’s only that I like her

Does she think the same?

I’d get off this ride

If I knew how

So Head, you’re in the game.


Tell Heart this chick’s a stranger,

It’s only been a week.

We came for fun -

To mess around,

A playmate did we seek.


Instead we’re back in High School

Acting like a kid.

All because we

Fell smack for

This woman that we did.


She’s cold and hard and lovely,

Like some celestial stone.

Why, oh why

Do I have to like

This certain kind of crone?


Her eyes are soft like cream,

A smile like velvet rope.

They make me feel

So warm inside

I’m just another dope.


So sit right down together,

And brain: I hope you win.

Find a way

To rescue me

From lovely Nikki Quinn.