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April 23, 2010



This is the busiest time of the year for me.

For the next two months we’re coaching a great bunch of 16 and 17 year old boys. Our basketball team is from the outback, so to speak, but we are able to run with the big dogs. That said, it is nearly impossible to get a little time on FOD. I write this as my 16 year old showers, as he readies himself for school. (I provide the daily taxi service.)

My week has gone like this:

We attended a basketball tournament in a community an hour and half away this past weekend. We made the trip twice, played 5 games and actually made it to the semis. Returning Sunday night, I ran the shot clock for an older team’s game and then attended an Executive Meeting of our Basketball Association.

Monday I drove the daughter back to University – a five hour return trip in heavy traffic. This included loading and unloading a whole whack of her “stuff” as she’ll be moving home this week.

Yes, she’s about to graduate.

Tuesday I refereed a basketball game at my wife’s elementary school and had a two hour practice in the evening with our team. I used the early part of the day to get caught up on some gardening/lawn cutting.

Wednesday there was an hour and ten minute trip to the High School Regional Badminton Championships at a College in a bigger centre. The boy and his partner did well finishing 5th overall. Again, when you come from our rural area you have to run with the big dogs at these championships. We were there for 10 hours though -long and painful, given the hard as marble seating.

Today I return to my daughter’s University to pack her up and bring her home. The father-in-law (aged 70) and me (aged 60) are going to make like we’re thirty again moving boxes, a bed, and thousands of other articles out of her house. How a twenty year old girl can cram more than a pick-up load of life sustaining junk into a tiny little room, I have no idea. I’m thinking she learned a lot about compartmentalization and organization at university.

Oh, there is another basketball practice tonight and a birthday party to attend on both Friday and Saturday. I Just found out The Phenoms first baseball practice is Friday night, as well. You guessed it, the boy plays in a community about 30 minutes away.

Maybe I’ll get some rest when we celebrate Easter with the in-laws on Sunday with a big family party. Since the in-laws were in Florida we celebrate the holiday later. There'll be an easter egg hunt for the young ones and hidden presents around the farm for the adults.

I am truly busier in retirement than I was when I was working. So, while I do my Bobby Knight impression for the next sixty days, my appearances here will be limited. Please don’t think I’m ignoring your posts, your blogs and the like. I’ll get to them in good time.

As for the Caption Contest –haven’t been there for a few days. I think I’ll give it a break and treat the brain cramps that have limited my creativity/productivity lately. There’s too much conniving and duplicity there anyway. Too many contributors treat the contest like it’s a “Reality Show” environment. There’s way too much drama and all of the strategic voting really sucks.

So as you can see, given my current reponsibilities, there’s no rest for the wicked!

CYA sooner if not later.

Hi! ho!