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Published May 23, 2012

Cbs forgets to cancel Rules of Engagement for fifth year in a row

Source: theleek.com

In a move that is fast becoming a yearly CBS tradition, the network has forgotten to cancel their half-hour comedy Rules of Engagement for the fifth straight season. The sitcom, which stars David Spade as the poor man’s Barney Stinson, has delighted its dozens of fans for five years.
“That’s the one with the big guy from Seinfeld, right?” asked one exec who preferred to remain anonymous. “You know how you write yourself a note, but then the note just sits there for so long that you don’t even see it anymore?” the exec continued. “Well, I couldn’t even remember Rules of Engagement was a show long enough to write that goddamned note.”
In the wake of last week’s up-fronts, CBS brass were understandably embarrassed to realize they had committed this programming blunder yet again. The continued survival of Rules is a long-standing black eye for the network, which usually focuses on airing stupid, lowbrow shows that people actually watch.