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May 26, 2010


Hello Everyone! I’m going to be in Dallas for the next four days, working my ass off in 100 degree heat! I'm having incredible problems with my computer, so publishing winners and a new blog is almost impossible.. (hell, I hope this works..) All of your comments were great, and I appreciate them very much! As soon as I get a chance I'll be posting something wonderful; something that will inspire all of you! Until then...
I'm Just sayin'...

 I think most of us have pretty much the same opinion of British Petroleum, but here’s your chance to really let them have it!!

Although there won’t be any Winners in this situation, I will choose the most clever and vitriolic and disgusting comments and insults when I return Tuesday (I hope…)

Extra credit for British oriented themes – as an example, I believe it was Lady Astoria who said to Winston Churchhill “Sir, if you were my Husband I should Poison your Tea!” Churchhill replied “Madam – If I were your husband, I would drink it!!”


Tally Ho Ladies and Gentlemen!!



Thanks everyone for "Rubbing Their Noses" in it!!