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May 26, 2016

I even had another idea a new way on how to travel at the airlines. First of all you can save a lot of money on your flights. The only problem is the idea doesn't exist yet. I thought people could travel in a different way. Just suppose you could detach your body from your soul. Imagine, if you will, sending your body to some other state. Suppose you have a date an it's in New York City. But you can't afford the airfare. So you send your body first and leave your soul behind. Let's say you need to chop up your body into little pieces put it in a suitcase and then deep freeze the whole package. I mean somebody else's suitcase so that you can travel for free. If I forget to deep freeze the body than I have to run to Starbucks and ask for cups to put my blood in it. The only problem is now you don't feel anything. Because your soul is out of your body and you’re stuck at Starbucks getting cups. The only problem with this theory is once your body arrives in New York, You need to find a doctor that can thaw you out an surgically attached your parts back together again. Unfortunately, it's not a common thing. But I'm positive it could be done. You just don't want to turn out like Picasso. So your body arrives in New York the doctor puts you together. Now they have to send your soul to New York. You could do that in any manner. So you arrive in New York. And after your body is put together. You put your soul back into your body. And if you’re planning on going out on a date that evening. Let's hope no spare parts will be missing.