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Published: March 15, 2012
Description: Stephen wasn't A Stranger Get to know him better

Stephen M. Kinzer Star on YouTube And Facebook 

when Stephen's Pep rally Daze is Over back in May 21, 2001 Everything Went Change In His Town Nobody get to know Him They Call Me Retarded , Sir, Or Stranger. In TRC "Tennessee Rebilitation Center" Likes Tyree Sales He 100% Popular Than Stephen Kinzer All the Student from TRC Dissed HIm And Take His Jiminy Cricket Away. Stephen Became Unpopular since 2002. Stephen Was Done Witgh TRC And Got tired Of the Staff That Tells Him What To Do Being BOssy BUllying And Many More. Stephen Was THinking About Being a star On YouTube FaceBook ANd Funny Or Die His Series Called Having Fun With Stephen Kinzer Tributed to Back In the Day In Pep Rally Dance In High School since 1998-2001. Stephen Miss His Best close Friends Class Of 2001 After He Lead the Classmate:)

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