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Written by Blake Barringer.
Edited by Graham Haas.

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So I just saw Battle: LA- err, I mean Independence Day 2: Battle for the Da H20. First off, let me say I did enjoy this movie, though I don't think it was meant to be a comedy. But the movie focuses on a handful of marines who die pretty constantly through out the film. Now I don't know who has been training these men, but there are a few glaring mistakes made throughout the movie. "Did you hear that? No must have been a puppy, so let's walk down this foggy street without securing it first" BOOOM half of them die. I mean really come on, this is First Person Shooter 101 here. I'm pretty sure I could have led a team of battle-hardened Halo veterans into LA and done better. LEEEEROY JENKINS! What did I learn from this movie? That self sacrifice is fine as long as you kill one or two aliens that end up killing half your men anyway. That aliens can fuel their ships, bodies and weapons with our H20. Where was Bobby Boucher during the filming of this movie? Because nothing would have made this better than the water boy going all Arnold from The Predator on their asses. Captain Insano shows no mercy. If you're advanced enough to fly into our solar system without being detected, I'd think you'd be advanced enough to be able to filter our sea water for proper use. So why not just hover out in the middle of the ocean, suck us dry, and take off? But in the end, I did enjoy it; I got a lot of good laughs. I got to see Two-Face from the last Batman movie be emo about losing a few troops here and there, and pull off his best impression of Tom Hanks from Saving Ryan's Privates (oops, wrong link. Here it is). I got to see a remake of Independence Day, severely lacking enough Jeff Goldblum, but it did have a lot of inspirational speeches, though it lacked the "This is our Independence Day". So I rate this movie a 7 out of 10 but only because I have a soft side for alien movies. Because 95% of them make no sense at all. But they are entertaining from the fantasy perspective.
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