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September 22, 2009


Uncle Ben was an African-American rice grower in Texas known for the quality of his rice. But society doesn't speak on his underworld activities. He hustled rice to children and also brought it into the school system. He could not be stopped. He started hustling in 1943 and was the top selling rice gangster in the United States. 

By 1950 he owned the street. It spread like a plague from Texas to Canada. He started recruiting and made a gang of elite hustlers to help conquer the street game. Aunt Jemima (Mama Flap Jacks), Betty Crocker (White Flour), Quaker Oats (Chi-town) with this alliance they got the street name Grain. But with success come jealousy. Betty Crocker wanted out. Uncle Ben gave her a ghetto pass. She began her own league of dealers called General Mills. She reigns supreme in San Francisco. Word leaked out that there was a big demand of product in Minneapolis.
Uncle Ben and Betty Crocker had their eyes on the prize. They met during breakfast one cold morning and decided to split the city 50/50. Betty Crocker knew that Uncle Ben was an animal and would eventually take over the market with the rice, so she needed a local hoodlum that knew the ends and out of the Minneapolis streets. She heard about a young gangster coming up named Pillsbury (Pop 'N' Fresh) the feds knew him by the Notorious name Doughboy. He was an extreme mental case. He was into baking and spread his product to the much white collar clients. His methods were insane. He ran the streets of Minneapolis butt naked with a Chef hat on. Rumor has it, prostitutes was his weakness. He liked them to poke him in his stomach while he giggled. 

He was not well groomed as Betty Crocker or Uncle Ben. He would kill in a second. His phrase was, "Nothing says hurting like heat from this oven" He would then cut your throat with a cookie cutter. Betty Crocker knew she needs an animal like this on her team because Uncle Ben and the grain alliance had started dealing syrup and wheat. Uncle Ben was a smart business man He traveled to China himself to buy and bring back rice to the states. He smuggled in rice through Mexican borders. Quaker Oates snuck wheat in donkeys through customs and Aunt Jemima bootlegged syrup. The south called her the moon shiner of sweetness. 

Betty Crocker met with the pale gangster and joined together to take down Uncle Ben. Uncle Ben got word of this treason and the two gangs went to war. It was like the Alamo. Sadly, on Sunday 1962 Uncle Ben and Betty Crocker came to their demise. Rumor has it Pillsbury died but there was no trace of the body. The streets were covered in flour, syrup and rice. Aunt Jemima continued with her life and married. She had to children named Ben and Jerry. After they mother, they inherited the art of hustling. They started dealing cream. Even today Uncle Ben still influences the streets and art of hustling. Uncle Ben a real American gangster.