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November 16, 2016

The picture of Paul Ryan that's totally stumping the internet!

Is this the new “The Dress?” The internet is losing its mind over this picture which was posted the other day. Some people see Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, while other people see an old dirty shoe that’s was chewed by rabid dogs and then thrown into sewer trash (that’s trash that’s been soaking in a sewer a while) before being dropped in a broken toilet full of human feces where it was spotted by a hungry hawk who grasped it in it’s talons but then dropped it into that trash island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean where it was picked up by a Guy Fieri-themed booze cruise and became the guest of honor at a masquerade ball co-hosted by Brietbart News and the KKK before being eaten by a hungry shark and shat out into a hole deep in the ocean and then eaten by giant tuna that got caught and slapped onto the tuna fish sandwich Chris Christie just had for lunch:

Paul Ryan.png

What do you see? Let us know in the comments!