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Say NOto the Phelps family and the Westboro Church. They're a hateful group of psychotic, soulless crazy faces.

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June 01, 2012

If you do not know who or what this group stand for, google them. They're a bunch of crazy lunatics.

Next week, June 6th and 7th, the Westboro Church is picketing in my great state of Washington. I don't know if they have ever been to Washington, or if they know that Washington has a large and strong gay community, but they'll find out. Their website is full of ridiculous bullshit that only psychotic people can believe. I have no problem with religion or religious people; there are a lot of nice, honorable men and women that serve their community well through religion, and that's fine. When someone goes out of their way to bash another individual because of their race or sexual preferences, then that's where it goes too far. I'd like to fart on every member's face while they were napping in their hand-made bed they put together with dog teeth and logs of psycho.

The Westboro Church, I assume, is a cult. The church was started by a man named Fred Phelps, who looks like an old turd that was eaten by a dog and then was pooped out again. Fred Phelps has a wife and 13 children, who he beats until they bleed, that's not a joke. How can a guy that beats women and children, also produce enough hatred to picket against the gay community? Is he the Devil? I bet he wakes up and pours himself a tall glass of baby diarrhea to go with the human heart he eats every morning. He probably eats people. He has a long history of beating his kids, and yet, people sign up to be apart of his shrunken dick agenda. Bewilders me. If we're listening to people that beat others, then Chris Brown makes a little more sense.

I understand there's freedom of speech, but how is it legal that other human beings can be so vocally hateful towards other individuals? I bet most of the people that support this bullshit are inbred people.A group of inbred fucking bastards telling homosexual people that they're evil is like, well, its like nothing at all, because no one apart of the Phelps family or the church have talked to God or know what God ultimately want. If God wants gay people to suffer, then he is a fucking jerk. If there is a god, then gay people should be the least of his worries. For god's sake (pun), there are people that kill people, people that eat cream corn, individuals that talk very loud in movie theaters!

If I was a religious person, and a man or a woman approached me and was like "Hey you should join Westboro Church! Oh, by the way, the founder beats his family." I'd reply with "OH OK! Here I got a better idea; why don't you swallow lava!?" People that hate other individuals for something that has no affect on their own life, should honestly jump off of a very tall building, onto a large trampoline, only for that trampoline to send them even higher into the sky to plummet into a large pool of urine. I'm not gay, nor religious, but if I were either, I'd challenge any individual apart of the church to a cock fight, and I mean a fight to the death using our dicks. There's no room in this world for people and groups such as the Phelps family or the Westboro Church. Someday, when this psychotic ideology is gone, then this nation can finally come together and stop the next upcoming crazy people; bath salt snorters. That shit makes people eat faces! What the fuck! Next time I walk into a Bed, Bath and Beyond I'm definitely wearing body armor. I don't think they'd like the taste of my face anyways, because I wash my face with jizz. (gross)