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November 05, 2008


we act stupid && crazy && dont care who sees us

we're not afraid of being judged by others

we're not afraid of being ourselfs

we laugh at people who say we're fake or PoSeRs

we rock with our life style.... no matter how crazy && weird it may be

we laugh at the real fakers && PoSeRs

we tell how it is && whats on our minds not caring what FaKeRs say about it

we dont dress to impress... we dress to OUR likings not YOURS

we can dance as lame as we want cause its how we roll

we sing along to any song on the radio even if we dont know it

&& even if we sound like total crud

we real people rock

unlike fakers && posers

who think their hot shxt... when their not.. just by copying others

we real people know what real love is

real feelings

real things

unlike fakers && posters

who just know what they copy

you cant copy love

you cant copy feelings

so dont even try

cause it dont work that way.. it dont roll that way

try feeling what you wanna feel

try loving what you wanna love

being real is the best feeling you will ever get to know

so stop posing

stop faking

stop copying

&& be REAL