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March 04, 2009


My shiny new Sky+ box goes to automatic standby at night because it's not being used, but the following few mornings I noticed that it was still on green rather than the standby red colour. However, my VCR/DVD player/recorder had been switching off completley and that confused me as it always stay's on. I figured there must be a problem with the wiring or something and maybe there was some sort of reason that my Sky+ box wasn't going to standby yet my VCR/DVD was.

Anyway, Rach came home and I told her. This is our conversation.

Me: Hey Rach, my Sky+ box won't go to standby you know, but my video player switches itself off, which is weird huh?
Rach: What, it won't go to standy at all, even manually?
Me: No, it will if I press the button, but not to automatic standby when it's not been used for a while, you know?
Rach: Oh, it was on standby when I got up this morning.
Me: It wasn't when I got up. It was on green.
Rach: That's because I turn on your box and my own to.
Me: What the fucking hell???......(goes on rant about how much I thought I was going mental)
Rach: (mutters something)

WHY??? Why fuck does she need to mess with my stuff?? Why can't she leave shit alone? Why I ask you, WHY? You're not watching my TV  in the morning, there is no, NO reason whatsoever to touch my Sky+ box and turn it on. I don't get it. And while we're on the subject, why the hell do you turn yours on? You are at work all day! WHY????

Is it not enough that you take ALL the shelf space in every kitchen cupboard and ALL the shelf space in the fridge? You have to go messing round with my electronics now too, and make me think I'm going totally insane?

Please, help me.......I'm going to end up commiting a murder in my own home.