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March 14, 2009


Okay, so...I love alot of things in life, comedy being one of them for a variety of reasons. Since we're on Funny or Die, and I don't really think philosophy is in order here, I can save that for Facebook. BUT, on a different level, I have been intrigued by Roasts since I was a kid, since I'm 41, that wasn't alot until the last few years.
I was under the impression that being roasted, in the whole comedy "game", was like an EXTREME honor. Kinda like an achievment award for COMEDIANS. (The roast of Pamela Anderson?? Fucking Pamela Anderson?)
Which brings me to my point here. WHY THE FUCK IS "Larry the Cable Guy" being roasted? He doesn't even have a last name.. That's like fucking roasting Ernest. Now, I'm not putting good 'Ol Lar down or anything, he's a RIOT! Those same 'ol jokes...that Git 'Er Done shit....GOD! It just never ceases to get MY goat. Funny, funny stuff...BUT
DOES HE DESERVED TO BE ROASTED? How long has he even been around? And doesn't he owe his success, to some degree, to that other MASTER of Hilarity, Jeff Foxworthy?
It just seems that the decline of the "Roast" is definitely...declining.