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August 06, 2008


You never truly know a person until you get to to know them... Errrr, so what..!

Actions speak louder than any words....

In reality cold Potatoes are not hot either....

So, why is Paris Hilton daring to suggest that the 1st worlds energy policy effectively sucks...?

My rather simply guess is that there is now clearly much more to this lady than meets the eye, at the risk of sounding like some love sick teenager, which sadly I am not, it would appear that Paris could now realise her true self, achieve great things and use her dum arse fame, hard earned inheritence, to promote something we should all now care alot more about.... Energy consumption at such high levels is really not necessary.... Arguably it remains this way due to poor governance and naive behaviour....

I look forward to buying the all new alakline (truly neutral)"PH-EV" at a show room near me soooooooon.....!!

Go lady, go..!!