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May 20, 2010


OK, here we go again.  Thanks and congrats to all of last weeks participants, and thanks for the comments.  Sorry I'm late but these things happen.

Seeing as how many of you forgot to come back and vote, I think I'll send out a quasi-annoying message over the weekend to jog your memories.  You're welcome.

Cool, I think we know the drill by now.  If not, this is a "contest".  "Rules" are below.  Photo is here.  Posts and votes go there:

So let's get to it!  This week, it's...

Fashion Week

To post caps and votes in a new window, click here.


As opposed to having a judge to make the final say so, the "winner" will be determined by the positive votes of we, the people, and not in anonymity...  In other words, if you think someone's caption is funny, leave a comment, if you don't, don't.  Please don't.  In the spirit of that kindergarten mantra, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all", just let it go.  If someone's caption seriously offends you or it's a pal of yours and you want to bust their balls without voting for their cap, just comment on their profile page.  Cool?

OK, so here's how it works:

1.  The picture will be posted here on this blahg because I don't know how to post a pic in the forums.  Please don't comment here on this blahg unless you want to tell me what an awesome/shitty idea this is... this is not the official polling place.

2.  Their will be a link, below the photo, to the forum where the captions and voting will take place.  If that doesn't work, go to "forums", "comedy"," Democracy NOW, Serenity LATER! Caption Election".

3.  Once in the correct forum:  To post a caption for the contest, click "make a post", and insert your personal brand of hilarity.

4.  To vote for any particular caption, under that ORIGINAL CAPTION itself, click on "reply to this post", and enter whatever you want (ie: LOL, you funny fucker, HA!, etc.). 
[This next bit may go without saying but I'll say it anyway]:
If you vote for yourself or vote more than once for any particular caption it will only make it more confusing to count the results.
If you have multiple accounts on foD and you want to use them to fuck with a caption contest, please go away, because if you do it here, you will only fool yourself and at best we will ignore you; At worst you will be viciously mauled by an otherwise mild-mannered jungle cat.

5.  Votes will be tediously tallied by (let's face it, me), and results posted by the next Wednesday's election .