A short list of tips that are good for parting hard and sh*t my peeps. 


#1 No pre-drinking before taking your game to the bars um k people. ( Becuase a night in the drunk tank is never fun + that is how people end up getting raped.  So no go! ) 

#2 Don't get drunk with some you have beef with because as well all know drinking leads to fist fights.  ( An you will not feel the pain until the next day and it hurt so no.) 

#3 Pack some rubbers bros! ( No need for more kids in this f*cked up place we live in because we all know your going to be a dead beat dad with the way your partying dude.)

#4 BYOB  when showing up at a house party.  ( drink you own beer so people don't put ruffies in your drinks my peeps. because waking up the next day with a bloody b-hole is not cool.  No where am i at again? ) 

#5 Smoke weed before getting drunk becasue a weed high slows down the drunk asshole inside you.  ( Because getting high on weed as the oppostie effects on your barin that getting drunk does. So mix it up to keep your wits.) 

#6  No means No ! but a yes doesn't always mean yes. So know your roll.  ( An let them make the first move.  Because going to jail is no fun at all. when you down raped someone ok. ) 

#7 Remember it's ok to be the Wingman. Because what goes around cums around you dig. ( So i have a whole lot of p*ssy c*mming my way soon. ) 

#8  No Polititcs + no religion = Goodtimes ( So keep the small talk about them.) 

#9 Do not be the drunkest person there and keep it your paints. ( WOO! Look out for the wiggler! Because getting pranks pulled on you all night is no fun for you at all bro.)

#10 No Hard Drugs for the love of god it's for your own good! And no blackouts mo fo!  ( Don't kill your self over a little fun um k big dog. ) 

#11 Sleep with people your own age. ( it's better off that way for sure big pimpin.) 

#12 Keep the music down. ( Trust me i been to jail over loud music a few times yo. if you can hear it the music is up load enuff ok d*ck lickers.)

#13 No round two's after puking your guts out because your drunk bud.  ( YOUR DONE ! GAME OVER !  ) 

#14 Look i know your both drunk but do not f*ck the ever loving lasting sh*t out of your GF's sister. ( Just jackoff to her in your mind like you always do an don't ever bring it up agian or think about her when making love to your GF like we all do. Becuase you need a place to live. So don't f*ck anyone in her family an get kick out of your GF's place.  Being homeless sucks hard dudes.) 

#15 No matter how old you get don't get f*cked up with your parents. ( trust me it's not as fun as you would think yo. An i don't need to be hearing about there sex life you know! ) 

#16 Don't mix beer with shots. Just stick to the mixed drinks or the beers. An remember no black outs A!  So drink slow and enjoy the f*cking sh*t out of your nights because one day your going to be to old for this sh*t dog so take it all in as much you can bros for sure players.  Now get out there and have some fun! 

i love you all