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April 30, 2013

Justin Bieber's crazy behavioral change explained.

Recently a lot of Justin Bieber fans have been writing Funny or Die worried that Justin is headed off the deep end. Well do not fret little Belieberbots, Justin is going to be just fine, that is until you all grow up and he loses his fan base. 

The hard working, lip-synching, Biebernator is going through what all mammals eventually have to go through, puberty. JB’s strange behavioral changes of late are due to him maturing sexually, i.e., his balls have finally dropped! 

Unfortunately, this period in a guys life can be confusing and stressful, especially if you are a complete douche. This may explain why the Biebs has been lashing out at others — but don’t let this sway you to think anything less of him. It is common for males to become more aggressive especially to other males, even if the aggressor has the build of a 13-year-old Japanese school girl, as JB. 

So do not become sick with worry Beliebers, Justin’s outburst of violence and hostility is about as harmless as any other solitary species, such as the coming of age of a tiny insignificant hamster. In the meantime enjoy his music, dancing, and that crush, because eventually you‘ll blossom and realize being a Beiberbot was kind of lame.