The Plot of the Skull the Slayer Remake!

Young struggling comic book writer Steven Bucky Butler gets a gig at Marvel Comics. Steven Bucky Butler has a new idea for a remake of an old forgotten character from the 70’s called “Skull the Slayer”.

Marvel gives the green light to publish the Skull the Slayer remake. Little does Steven Bucky Butler know that he has caused a rift in the comic book world. Skull the Slayer has been safeguarding two artifacts that ensure peace between the alternate Earth’s tribes on an alternate Earth where dinosaurs, primitives, and aliens co-existed. Suddenly, Skull the Slayer realizes that’s he’s a fictional character who has been forgotten by comic book fans. Skull the Slayer has new meta powers and can break the forth wall just like another hero.

When Skull the Slayer, using his meta and forth wall breaking powers, talks to Steven Bucky Butler, they both agree that he should become a superhero in the vein of Deadpool. Skull the Slayer has returned to the Marvel Universe with a bang. Skull the Slayer gains the attention of Hydra and it’s leader Baron Wolfgang von Strucker who wants to learn the secrets of Skull the Slayer’s meta powers to use them for evil.

Due to the threat of Hydra, Skull the Slayer hires four super powered bodyguards to protect him. These four just happen to also be famous Marvel characters Bishop, Darkhawk (Christopher Powell), Ulik, and Mike Storm.

Additionally, Skull the Slayer is in a feud with Deadpool. Due to their abilities to break the forth wall they are evenly matched. Deadpool is also working alongside Hydra in order to stop Skull the Slayer. Surprisingly over time, Skull the Slayer and Deadpool become friends despite Deadpool considering Skull the Slayer his copycat.

Skull finds out he has a son from his ex-girlfriend Aleytys “Lee” Forrester. Aleytys “Lee” Forrester is the former captain of the fishing trawler, Arcadia. After breaking up with Skull the Slayer, she becomes a successful plus size model. The teenage son of Skull and Aleytys “Lee”, James Patrick Scully, Jr. is a Goth kid with supernatural powers and he joins his father in his superhero adventures.

While Skull the Slayer, James Patrick Scully, Jr., and Skull’s bodyguards Bishop, Darkhawk (Christopher Powell), Ulik, and Mike Storm continue to fight crime and Hydra, Skull the Slayer grows more insane.

Steven Bucky Butler, worrying about Skull the Slayer reaches out to his creator Marv Wolfman to seek his advice. Marv Wolfman tells Bucky that he is on his own and will not get involved with Skull the Slayer. Marv Wolfman knows the true reason why Skull the Slayer is forgotten. So Steven Bucky Butler continues to write stories for Skull the Slayer at the cost of Skull’s sanity.

Steven Bucky Butler continues to create new threats and foes for Skull the Slayer. He will continue until either the book gets canceled or Steven Bucky Butler runs out of ideas and decides to end it.

Skull the Slayer, a forgotten Marvel hero returns with new powers and new look on life!