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March 25, 2009


This weeks recipe is a very good one. It's one of my best and most reveir'd restaurant recipes, when I unveiled this I had standing room only in the dinning room. I sell about 8 thousand plates of this at the restaurant a week. (Ok I'm a big fat lier, I don't have a restaurant or even a roach coach. I just have to cook because I don't have enough money to eat out every day.)


Large beef roast cubed or stew meat.
2 parsnips
2 cups of carrots
1 large onion
about three sliced portabella mushrooms
1/2 cup of olive oil
1/2 cup of flour
3 stalks of celary
4 or 5 large red potatoes
1 bay leaf
3 shakes of worchestershire sauce
3 or 4 tablespoons of salt
1 can of beef stock
6 cups of water.
Variate this if needed for volume.
chop all the veggies in to chunks you like the size of.
in a large pot, I use a stock pot. Heat it up on med, high , and then dump the meat in, and add the oil, after the edges of the meat start browning add the flour, brown the flour stirring constantly, when the flour looks brown add the stock and all the veggies and stuff.

add the water last. bring it up to a boil covered stirring occasionaly, after its boiling reduce heat to a simmer. Cook it untill everything is soft. I'm making it tonight because we are getting a 14 incher blizard tommorow. I add about a half a bottle of a1 steak sauce after its been cooking about two hours.
if it is not as thick as you like, mix some self rising flour in a cup of cool water, stirring it as you add the water as to not have lumps, then slowly add it to the pot and it will thicken.

YOU'LL BE SWIMMING IN IT, DON'T FORGET THE BEER. If you don't like it eat it anyway and pretend that it taste good. That always works at work for me.