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June 26, 2008


Helloo Viewers!

I just wanted to send a big thank you to everyone who not only has been working so hard on the show but to EVERYONE who has been watching so faithfully spreading the word and leaving us wonderful feedback on each episode!

I am thrilled to finally be where we are at with the show and hope for even more loyal viewers to soon follow! 

There will be episodes from our website that will be posted on our funnyordie page very soon for those of you who have not seen them yet so get ready to laugh your ass off!

We will continue to air new episodes each week on our home page www.cuttingroomtv.com on Thursdays 6pm PST so be sure to check that out for other great episodes. You can also view cast and crew profiles, get up to date news information on the show, and check out what everyone has been saying about the show. 

So get ready to be entertained!

Ava Vincent