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December 10, 2008


Why are there so damn many of them. Can no one pitch a good script anymore??? I mean really there even reallity shows about reallity show I think they've gone way too far with this bull shit...  I see more talent on FUNNY OR DIE than I've seen on tv in the past 10 years. I'm just sayin I live in reallity when I get home and turn on the boob tube I want to see fake unreallistic shit.  Reallity show are the reason people like Paris Hilton, those Hills girls are even known, they have to be the reason the slut population has increasted. These people have  no reall talent, some of them have even made it on CNN news, come on really theres nothing else to report on guys. There are some good reallity shows out there that display talented people(i hate american idol by the way). Okay im shutting up now...