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Published June 21, 2012


With Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter opening nationwide tomorrow, 20th Century Fox has confirmed these ten "Supernatural Bad Ass President Movies" will be added to the franchise.

10. Harry Truman: Hippie Slasherharry-truman-hippie-slasher

9. Grover Cleveland: Mermaid Fuckergrover-cleveland-mermaid-fucker-2

8. Richard Nixon: Sasquatch Fisterrichard-nixon-sasquatch-fister

7. Franklin D. Roosevelt: Nazi Zombie Killerfranklin-d-roosevelt-nazi-zombie-killer

6. William Taft: Elf Eaterwilliam-taft-elf-eater

5. George Bush: Satan Blowergeorge-bush-satan-blower

4. Herbert Hoover: Unicorn Slayerherbert-hoover-unicorn-slayer

3. Gerald Ford: Gargoyle Stalkergerald-ford-gargoyle-stalker

2. Chester Arthur: Giant Squid Rapistchester-arthur-giant-squid-rapist

1. Barack Obama: Black Guybarack-obama-black-guy


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