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Here is a wired little fun fact for you all today. An that is being identical cousins is a real thing in life. For example lets do the math together my friends. So Joe Clark and James Clark are identical twins brothers and Sara Lee and Amy Lee are identical twins sisters. So anyways Joe Clark goes to Pitt U meets Amy Lee and gets her pregnant a. An at the same time at a different collage at W.V.U James Clark meets Sara Lee and gets her pregnant on the same night and time Joe Clark got Amy Lee pregnant you dig players. An so Amy Lee gives birth to a baby girl named Nancy Clark at 4:20pm on 4-20-1985 @ Allegheny Hospital in Pittsburgh PA. An on the same day and the same time at different hospital at the Monongalia General Hospital in Morgantown W.V. @ 4:20pm on 4-20-1985 Sara Lee gives birth to Nicole Clark making her identical cousins with her cousin Nancy Clark who was born on the same day and time as her to her aunt and uncle who are identical twin to her own parents is a example of identical cousins being a real thing. An so that makes little Nancy Clark and little Nicole Clark identical cousins like i said you dig because it can happen a. An hell they even made a t.v show about identical cousins called The Patty Duke Show back in the 1960’s ( look it up ) Because yes in fact it’s true being identical cousins is a real life thing my friends. Yes it’s a weird thing but does happen in this world we live in you all so there mates. Do the math ! Because it’s a fact !

P.S. Hey C.B.S. their is a new sitcom idea for you called identical cousins about two single ladies that are identical cousins Nicole Clark and Nancy Clark living together in LA as want to be singers \ actresses out here in Hollywood ! Now there is a comedy for ass C.B.S. ! Just Sayin !


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