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July 24, 2017

We have never seen anything like The Big Man.

The Big Man is not your typical ball-hitting player.

He is much larger than all the other ball-hitting and ball-throwing players in his sport.

And this year, The Big Man is hitting balls extremely far, farther than we have ever seen. In fact, he is even setting some records for the amount of balls he is hitting far, and the distance in which he is hitting them!



The Big Man

It is hard not root for a guy like The Big Man, because not only does he hit a lot of balls far, but get this: he also appears to be a good person. He is funny, he is humble, and he is good.

And we like good people who hit balls far.

Who knows? Maybe The Big Man will shatter even more records by the time his athletic season is over.

We sure hope so. We will be cheering on The Big Man from the stands!