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Published June 30, 2012 More Info »
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Written by Frankie Berns
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Published June 30, 2012

Sfuneet: Sweet and Funny

Alright, so I took lifespan psychology Spring Quarter (it is now the end of the quarter) and we had to do reflections at the end of every week about the chapter we had gone over. The last chapter we covered was about Death and Dying. Perfect to end the class with, right? So, by the time I got around to witting this reflection I was pretty much rushing to get it done, didn’t put any effort into it whatsoever.

Today I went back to check my grade and looked at the comments my teacher left for me in regards to the reflection. I just feel like I should share this with everyone because I laughed at my teachers responce to what I wrote. Don’t get me wrong, I think what she wrote is very sweet, but it just cracks me up for some reason because there was no thought put into what I was saying.

This was my post:

Well two things I learned about dying are that 1) everyone does it and it’s the only time conformity is seems most acceptable and 2) it should be easy, pain free, and quick not gradual. Even though I’m only 17, I’ve often thought about my own death. It’s scary to know that I will grow old and die someday. I have also started my list of dying demands to help my future family understand what I would like to be done. A few demands are:

- I want to be comfy in my bed when I die

- I’m not having a funeral, I’m having a party

- It’s invite only (I’ll have a list of people to invite)

- There will be a state wide scavenger hunt for all my personal possessions. Almost everyone I invite will be able to participate. For those who will not be able to participate, just because I invited you doesn’t mean that I liked you, it just means I want to rub in your face what you’re not getting.

- I want good music. Which means there will be a lot of classic rock playing. By the time I die, it will probably be known as ancient rock.

- No crying, only laughing.

This was my teachers response:

Frankie, what you wrote is beautiful. It made me cry. Now I’m crying! I have enjoyed having you as a student for three quarters now, and I will miss you in future classes. I wish you all the very best, and since I’m much older than you, I probably won’t be living when your time comes. Nevertheless, I hope that, if I WAS younger, that I would be invited. I really do.


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