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Published October 28, 2013

Emile Hirsch has been cast as Michale Chiklis as John Belsuhi in a new biopic about the larger-than-life comic actor entitled “Wired 2: Electushi Belushi.”

Based off the bomb-of-a-film “Wired” (released in 1989 with a total gross of $0), this “re-imagining” will show the strives and struggles of then-unknown actor, Michael Chiklis during the production of the late 80s trainwreck.

Steve Conrad will direct from his own script, based on the 2005 biography “Belushi,”  written by Judith Belushi-Pisano, which was adapted from the 1989 film “Wired,” inspired by the 1984 Bob Woodward book “Wired,” which was not-at-all based on any truths of the actual real-life John Belushi.  

When asked his thoughts on the recent casting, Hirsch said the following, “Yeah, I was super excited to hear I was going to play the comic legend, until I realized I was actually playing the guy who was The Thing in those Fantastic Four movies, which sucked by the way. The best part was Jessica Alba, but she was invisible for most of the film! What the hey!”

Similar to the previous Belushi biopic, this new film won’t cover any actual events that happened in the Not-Ready-For-Primetime-Player’s life. “There will be lots of shots of Emily trying to sing like Chiklis, and plenty of behind-the-scenes footage of the future “Commish” asking why this movie he’s in so shitty.” said Conrad.

The film will also cover the unexpected death of both John Belushi and Michael Chiklis’s career after “The Shield.”

Filming will start in New York City in the spring. And the completed project should tank at theaters that fall.