After relentless questioning from paparazzi, Lindsay Lohan finally admitted today that she mistook the pedestrian she hit-&-run last night in NYC for Amanda Bynes.

Lohan’s disdain for Bynes stems from the fact that, while both have racked up multiple DUI’s, arrests, and drug-induced rampages, only Lohan has spent time in the slammer.

“Look, if the law is going to be hypocritical, I’m going to have to take justice into my own hands," Lohan said defending her actions. "I’m just mad I didn’t turn her into a hood ornament!”

When asked why she only clipped the pedestrian, Lohan responded, “Because I was drunk, high and tired. Duh. It was Tuesday."

Amanda Bynes wasn't available for comment, because when she went to answer the call from her publicist, she subsequently crashed into a Santa Monica strip mall.

Lohan's court date will be announced once the scheduler finds a time that doesn't conflict with her other cases.