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February 09, 2011

Even if you know a lot about dogs, you might not know these milk-bone size nuggets of knowledge.

Unlike the corn dog, the bok choy dog has not caught on in the United States.


Huxley and Maxwell were the world’s most successful dog magician team until their famous chainsaw juggling routine backfired.


Dogs currently give cats an all time low 1.8% job approval rating.


London’s 1st all-dog production of Macbeth was cut short when the terrier cast as Banquo contracted a bad case of mange.


In the fairy tale Goldilocks and the Three Dogs, most experts agree the Mama Dog represents Cardinal Richelieu.


The Society for the Protection of Rabid Animals mascot was ‘updated’ in 2003 from Slathermutt to Foxhound Foamface.


Despite his name, The Dog Whisperer frequently talks in a completely normal tone of voice. (Lost DWs: http://bit.ly/edsqZM).


If ancient Rome had been ruled by dogs, they probably would have used cat gladiators.


Some dogs, especially Schnauzers, believe the earth was visited by ancient dog astronauts, thus explaining Pomeranians.


The Brazilian Rubber Earless Corgi has still not been recognized as an official breed by the American Kennel Club.


Focus group reactions to ABC’s pilot Dancing with the Dogs were so negative that the show never made the network line-up.


If ancient Rome had been ruled by dogs, they probably would have used cat gladiators.


If the Wicked Witch of the East had had a dog, it might have been called Ogog.


The Original Ant Farm toy spin-off, the glass and sand Dog Farm, was discontinued after several PETA complaints.


In the land of the blind dogs, the one-eyed dog is king.