On Conan last night Zach Galifianakis talked about that time he interviewed some guy President Barack Obama for some web series Between Two Ferns for some website OUR(!!!) website. Galifianakis talked about shushing the president, getting a phone call from him, and the one question that he was too afraid to ask.

On that same episode, Conan also presented a thoughtful tribute video to Abe Vigoda, who passed away yesterday and used to be a very funny regular on Late Night with Conan O'Brien.

On Fallon, Kate McKinnon, who is way good at impressions, and Josh Brolin, who is, uhhh, not, did an impression-off with Jimmy Fallon, who, like McKinnon, is good at impressions. Fact: Jimmy Fallon and Kate McKinnon have both been SNL cast members and Josh Brolin has not, so this competition isn’t fair! If we were JB we would be whining a lot about that.

Finally, here is “Laurence Fishburne Presents ‘Laurence’s Fish Burns’” He’s coming for all you stupid fish, especially you, small-penis bass.