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July 12, 2009


I usually take things with a pinch of salt, you know? I can take a joke, I don't care when I make a twit of myself or when people make fun of me. But just recently on Facebook I came across a group called "STOP THE DOLE...MAKE THE FUCKERS WORK......TAX ROBBING C**TS" It's description read.

"Sick n tired of ALL those lazy f.... that dont work n get your tax FREE that YOU work damn hard for? I mean come on if we all could sit on our arse's all day long doing f--- all OR getting pissed in the pub all day AND get paid for it i think we ALL would so WHY NOT JUST STOP THE F----- DOLE ALL TOGETHER N MAKE THEM ALL WORK?!?!?! So come on lets try get as many people on this group and maybe just maybe the f----- might go out to work and hopefully the dole will STOP!"

OK, now I have been on the dole (that's welfare to American comrades) for a while, after being made redundant that is, and in the last month and a half I have applied for roughly 35 jobs and had two interviews (both for the same job, 1st and 2nd interview) and I have had nothing but "No thank you" But what can you do when there are 100's of people applying for the same job who are all in the same bloody position. Yep, we're having a recession folks and we're all in the same damn boat here.

I felt the group in question wasn't really being fare to those of us who desperately want to work and are doing everything we can to get work and NOT sitting in the pub all day and doing sweet fuck all in order to rob people's tax. I personally feel different about the people who DO do this, like girls who have babies at 16, 17 in order to have free homes and all the money in the world given to them so they can just scream at their kids and sit watching Jeremy fucking Kyle all day long on TV, why not start a group that directs it at them, and not to the whole of the dole force? I don't want to be on the dole, I hate it and it's not a nice experience either and by mid next month I should be off it because I'll be teaching. I'd also point out that the full amount of job seekers allowance is approx £59.00 a week and you get the money fortnightly. Now, I rent a room out in my house, so when I first went through the excruciating sign on procedure I claimed this fact, so I actually only get £35 a week, so £75 fortnightly. How the hell do I live on that?? And by the way, I don't see any of my lodgers rent, that pays all my bills and I still have to add to that to cover it.

I suppose I could have lied my arse off and said nothing, but I can't and won't do that, and knowing my streak of bad luck recently, I'd get caught anyway! But I DO know people do that, they claim under he sun and go off doing little part time jobs or rent a room out in the house and pocket cash and it's wrong. Why not start a group on these people?

I guess in a way I'm trying to say to the facebook group owner that we're not all moochers and it's unfair that do this to us, and not the people on dole money want to be there.

And also, you must have lot of fucking time on your hands to even start a group, get a life you fucking stupid CUNT.