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Published: November 04, 2012
Description: How to make great taco mac and cheese


-mac n cheese
-ground beef
-taco seasoning
-anything else you like on your tacos (jalapeños, tomatoes, Bobby Brown, etc)
-tortilla chips
-a pool boy named Raul to make you horny
You can make it as simple as mac n cheese with seasoned taco beef thrown in.  That's what I was going to do plus jalapeños.  I highly suggest a pool boy named Raul, though.  Or, better yet, a pool boy named Raul that can sing like Bobby Brown and knows every Bobby Brown song.  That'll definitely get you in the mood.  After you prepare this delicious feast, let Raul seduce you.  Play some Bobby Brown and call me.  I'll be over with "desert" to finish the meal (you).  Bye.