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May 30, 2010


Keywords are important in your internet marketing campaign. These are the words that people type into the search engine in order to find your service, product or business. As an internet marketing company with many years of experience, Majon International knows the importance of keywords. Our professional staff can help you research your target market and find out what keywords or keyword phrases people use when they are trying to find the type of service you offer. We also advise testing those keywords so you can see which ones are going to bring you the most traffic before you spend a lot of money. Majon International recommends using misspelled versions of words with odd spacing so that people can still find you even if they make mistakes. With the right keywords, you can more successfully embark on your internet marketing campaign. Majon InternationalM can help you optimize your website for your keywords and also develop content centered around those words. This content can be on your website, in articles, blogs, banners, press releases and more. Majon International can help you learn about the variety of options for content available today. We are on the cutting edge of internet marketing and are always looking for new ways to advertise online. Choose an agency with extensive experience and knowledge that truly cares about the success of their clients by partnering with Majon International today.

Majon International provides the most far-reaching internet marketing services available today. Founded in the 1980s as a marketing company, in 1995 Matthew Hesser, CEO of Majon International, transitioned the company to focus on internet marketing. Not many internet advertising companies can say they have 15 years of experience, but Majon International is a company with permanence and the knowledge that only years in the business can bring. The professionals at Majon know what types of marketing techniques online, and what does not. They have a proven track record that sets them apart from their competitors. Majon comes up on the first of the Google search results for internet marketing, a big accomplishment considering the industry. Majon International employs the same techniques that gave them online placement for their clients. Whether it is through web linking, email marketing, social marketing, targeted traffic, or press release marketing, this internet advertising company has the ability to increase their clients online visibility and overall marketing campaign. Client after client sees amazing results due to the marketing capabilities of Majon International. As the internet grows and changes, Majon stays on the cutting edge by developing new products and services that will better meet the needs of their customers. Just as they realized that the internet was the new marketing frontier before many of their competitors, so they continue to morph along with the industry and stay up on all the newest trends and ideas. The width and breadth of their service list shows that they are committed to offering the very best to their clients. A company with a global reach, Majon has clients in the United States as well as abroad.