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June 01, 2012

Superfriends came out in full support of their colleague Green Lantern's homosexuality today, but Batman told sidekick Robin not to get any ideas.

Superfriends came out in full support of their colleague, Green Lantern, today as news of his homosexuality hit the internet. The Hollywood Leek was able to get an exclusive interview with Batman at the home he shares with Robin in Fort Lauderdale.

"I'm very supportive of Rainbow Lantern's decision," Batman said. "That's what he's going by now, right?

"Seriously, it's great when someone chooses to come out and make their lifestyle known. I just don't think it's necessary for everyone," the Dark Knight continued, shooting a threatening glare at Robin, who was prancing around the kitchen in his signature green boyshorts, preparing his "divine beef wellington."

"It's so brave," Robin added. "Everyone who's ever felt repressed should follow his lead." Batman abruptly cut him off, saying, "Agreed, but let's not forget that Lantern is not closely associated with a someone, like, say, oh I don't know... Superman and Louis Lane?"

The interview then came to a screeching halt when Robin stormed out of the room yelling, "You seriously don't know how hurtful you can be."