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Published: October 12, 2012
Description: "Sicky With The Millimeter Sylus IZ Niceness" - Kryptic


So I'm blogging again. 
Actually, Don't.
Better keep the Paper Printing.
It's been forever since I've posted on here, but I've been on my comedy grind, and after taking the summer off to write and cook in Saltaire & Live in Kismet, Fire Island, I moved back to the city. Except I ain't couch surfing this winter, I got a place on the Upper West Side in Spanish Harlem, and I've been doing untold amounts of comedy research, sets, rooms, and nights, specifically the current state of the Occupy Wall Street Camp outside Trinity Church on the corner of Broadway and Wall Street. 
So I guess you can call this what it is, I'm finally going to release an audio/video comedy album on New Years Day of 2013.
Thing is, I have all these audio files, but even from earlier this year, I was in a completley different place comedically, and the political climate was so different. Santorum hadn't quit and I was flowing *(still AM)* - but now I've resolved to record upcoming sets and compile them together. So, focused and ready, Pre-Production has ended, and the cameras are rolling. 
So lets finish this film. ;)
See you soon.
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