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September 28, 2009


Baby Pigeons
blaalffllaagg!! . . . slpa! . . . slpa! . . taa! . . .sptaa . . aww

 Excuse me a moment while expel the partially digested food I just vomited into my mouth . . . . . . . . . My apologizes.  It's no wonder why people often say they've never seen a baby pigeon. I can only imagine it's not only necessary for adult pigeons to keep these hideous creatures hidden from view of any would be predators, but also any living organism with an empathetic obligation to put a quick end to the life of any miscreation that clearly should be suffering an unwelcome entry into a world they were never meant for. 
Nurtured by whatever disgusting half-eaten pieces of garbage their vagrant parents can provide, in four weeks time these . . .these things will often weigh more than the flying parasites that brought them into what can only be described as a shameless cycle of filth, fear, and beggary.
There is only one type of bird that is a bigger loser than a pigeon, and that is a slightly younger pigeon.