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May 30, 2016

One day, a friend pointed out that there was a film crew working on a fi lm at the Stardust Hotel and Casino. I had no idea what film or who was in it, but I did know that we wanted a part in it. We just happened to be walking in the back parking lot of the Stardust when who should we see? (No it wasn’t God). It was James Belushi. He was with another person. I didn’t know who it was. I said to my friend, “Look! It’s Bill Murray. You know the guy that played in What About Bob “. My friend took my word and went up to James. He said “Hi Bill, Loved you in that movie What About Bob.” James looked at him very strangely and said “That wasn’t me” My friend then looked at me for help. I was eating a banana which was half peeled and happened to break off into my hand like a gun. James Belushi looked at me and my banana. He then put his hands up in the air as if I were holding him up with a real gun. He said “You guys can have anything you want.” I looked down at my banana and looked back at James and asked him for a part in his film. He said, “Sure, come in. We’re filming Destiny turns on the Radio”. I couldn’t believe we got a small part in his film, or at least we thought we had. The Director of the film told my friend to stand guard and not let anyone into the production site. I think my friend took it too much to his head. He kept every single person out, even the main stars of the film. He wouldn’t let anyone in. At least, he was doing his job. Even when Sharon Stone came up to him, he would fl irt with her but he wouldn’t let her in. In fact, he even kept me out. Great friend! The Director of the film finally came out to ask me to take my friend elsewhere. Well, what can I say? We went from star to guard in one short day. Eventually they decided to use us as extras in the film and we also got a nice meal. Hanging around a film company can be a lot of fun.