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Published July 28, 2011 More Info ยป
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
The CW.
"My name is Gaia Moore. I'm 23 years old. I'm an FBI agent and I have a secret. When I was born... I didn't cry. And normal things that would scare a child... didn't scare me at all. My parents thought something was wrong with me, so they had me checked out. In the end, it was less about what they found and more about what they didn't find. I was born without the gene for fear. What does it mean to be fearless? Basically, fear makes the body produce adrenaline, people lose their peripheral vision, coordination, the ability to think and react. Being the genetic defect that I am, that doesn't happen to me. Instead, my senses, strength and reflexes are all heightened. Being fearless, I do things that an otherwise normal person would think twice about doing. I'm not crazy. I understand fear. I just don't feel it in my gut. Remember, fear is about self-preservation. They call this fight or flight. Fight or flight... I wasn't given the choice. I know it looks and sounds pretty cool but eventually I learned that I was different, that I didn't fit in. It's just too hard to explain myself to people. So I don't. It's my secret. But I can tell you this much about my secret, I trade it in any day. Why? Because I'm just a girl trying to fit it in... but I'm not like everyone else. There are four basic human emotions... joy, anger, grief and fear. I'm fearless." This t.v show is Staring: ( Stefania Barr. )