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July 16, 2011

Some things about comedy superstar Will Ferrell that just ain't so.


Will Ferrell’s body is 34% toothpaste.

Will Ferrell tried and failed to get NASA backing to stage the first extraterrestrial production of Shakespeare’s As You Like It on the International Space Station.

Will Ferrell’s penis is detachable and has acted in six movies independent of the rest of the actor.

Will Ferrell owns seven houses; one in Beverly Hills, one in his hometown of Irvine, CA, one on Long Island, One in Hawaii and three in Octomom Nadya Suleman’s vagina.

Will Ferrell is an audio-tarian. He receives all sustenance from listening to natural sounds. When he’s in heavily populated areas he listens to recordings of gecko mating calls on his MP3 player three times per day.

Will Ferrell invented Pinky-Do, a martial art that uses only the small finger of each hand.

Will Ferrell once hired over-the-hill action star Steven Segal to break both of comedian Rip Taylor’s legs. His reasons are unknown.

When not acting, Ferrell pursues a Latin pop singing career under the name Sabado Domingo.

 Will Ferrell died in 2006 and again in 2009.

Will Ferrell is one of only 56 living native-speakers of Esperanto. He speaks his lines in movies phonetically because he neither reads nor speaks English.