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November 23, 2011



The LOSERSISTER HOTLINE has been flooded with additional Thanksgiving dinner disaster stories.  Here’s a sampling: 

  • I left the giblet bag in the turkey.” 

Nothing like shrunken anatomical structures to wet the appetite. –L.S.

  • I didn’t have cooking string so I used some ribbon to tie the turkey legs. When I took out the turkey, it looked like I had dipped the legs in green dye.”                   

“Top of the Mornin’!”  I’ll remember this for St. Patrick’s Day. –L.S.

  • “It was my first Thanksgiving at my boyfriend’s (and future husband’s) house.  I made my special pumpkin bread.  I thought it was fine until we tried to slice it, and couldn’t.  It was hard as stone.  They decided to use it as a door stop!”

Sounds like a happy accident.  I’ve seen “Brick Bread” in home and garden centers. -L.S.

  • “I forgot to turn on the oven.  I had a cold and just assumed that I couldn’t smell the great aroma of a roasting turkey.  We wound up at White Castle.”                

You’re not alone.  This was the #1 Thanksgiving snafu.  Some discovered that the oven was off in time to salvage the day, while others wound up eating dinner at 10 pm.  Ragu sauce splashed on pasta was another option.  -L.S

  • For the first (and last) time in my life, I had acrylic nails.  I didn’t notice until the meal was served that I was missing a nail.  My niece found it in her stuffing!”

Guess we now know your “secret ingredient.” -L.S.


        Thanks everyone.  If this teaches anything, we can assume that employees at the Butterball Hotline will enjoy continued job security.