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February 13, 2009



When are we going to fight back?

When are the old going to stop sending the young to war? When will the Christians start acting like Christ? When are we going to start acting like those famous we keep quoting? When is someone going to listen to Ghandi? When will war end, when there is no Earth left to bomb? How will there be peace when we are all dead? What kind of world are we leaving our children's children to inherit? More importantly than what you believe in, why do you believe ? Are you afraid?

Where are all the answers? What happened to the dreams of the Flower Children? If Love is the movement, why can't we find any? Why do we still kill each other? What is wrong with us?

Ask yourself, what part of your lives are influenced or controlled by the government? School. Car. House. Job. Who you marry. What You Are Allowed To Read. History. Technology. War. Peace. How loud you can listen to your music, what you can put in your body, where you live, what personal belongings you can keep if your husband is abusive, what you watch on tv, what movies you can see, what you can buy at Wal-Mart, when your job goes overseas, what your children are learning. If you can own a gun. If you can have a fire in your back yard. How much of your hard earned money do you actually get, and what do you get in return for the missing money.

We are the Children of the Grave

Let's start acting like it.