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March 14, 2017

Have a greeting card for any occasion ready to send.

MemoryTag, the greeting card company that revolutionized the video interactive greeting card, has announced they will make available bundle packaging for cards for all occasions and important life events—for the budget-saving price of just $20.

What happens when someone has a birthday and you forgot, or gets sick suddenly and needs cheering up, or has a wedding anniversary or deserves congratulation—and again you forgot, until the last minute? You run to the story and hastily buy a card, any card you can find.

You don’t need the hassle of having to rush to the store looking for a card that may be barely tolerable for the occasion but just not special.

MemoryTag decided to solve that problem.

With our “20 for $20 Never Forget a Special Occasion Pack,” (20 greeting cards for $20), you get $60 worth of MemoryTag greeting cards for just$1 per card, and we all know that old-fashioned grocery store-bought card can cost up to $7.

There’s no way you’re going to beat MemoryTag’s “20 for $20 price.”

Instead of making an emergency run to the store to buy the best card you can find under the pressure of little time and possibly have to settle for an old-fashioned boring card. Instead you have at your fingertips ready to send greeting cards for virtually every type of occasion, a get well card, birthday, job promotion congrats, thinking of you; just about every possible human situation.

It’s like having your own library of greeting cards ready anytime to be sent anywhere for anyone special.

For example one (20 for $20) bundle pack includes 10 birthday cards, one wedding anniversary card, one sorry card, one thinking of you, one get well card, and four congratulations cards. Additional bundle groups will be offered including Mother’s Day, thank you, animal appreciation, new baby, graduation, seasonal and a host of others.

MemoryTag is becoming famous for offering the most innovative greeting cards with a greater variety of messages than other card companies, with awesome graphics to match, and video interactive greetings. By downloading the patented app you can video record your own personal message using your smartphone and install it on a patch on the card. The card recipient also downloads the app, opens the card and with their smartphone views your message….a one-of-a-kind personalized message only from you.

The 20 for $20 deal will feature four different bundle options (with different types of greeting cards in each). Each bundle will have 20 greeting cards in it for $20. One option will be cards for men and another for women. Yet another option will feature cards where the sender can write in their own message, and one where MemoryTag will offer suggestions.

The “20 for $20” offering ends soon. Place your order now. To see what bundle options are being offered go to https://memorytag.cards/collections/bundles.

The folks at MemoryTag were among the first to realize that a greeting card could go way beyond just a written statement on a piece of cardboard, but had the potential to express so much more.