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June 05, 2017

We catch up with Log From Twin Peaks

When you look at Hollywood as a whole, very few careers have a linear trajectory. Log from Twin Peaks is no exception. With a life full of highs and lows, Log’s somewhat tumultuous life has taught him numerous lessons in humility and persistency. We were lucky enough to get a sit-down interview with the piece of wood.

Connor: So Log, you’re here to promote your memoir, LIFE OF LOG: Turning Life’s Splinters into Toothpicks. Why should readers be interested in the “Life of Log”?

Log: Let me start off by saying thanks for having me. I’m abig fan of your publication. You guys make your paper from that Fraser Fir farmout east. My cousins are Frasers. Good people out there. As for me, I’m one ofthe lucky ones. I was fortunate enough to make it out of the woods. It’s been awild ride, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Connor: In the book, you talk about how you got your start in show business.

Log: I started out as a stunt-log. Never thought of myself as much of an actor, but I was an adrenaline junkie… I was another type of junkie too but that comes later. At that time, I was the guy that did all the “dangerous” scenes for the high-profile lumber. That montage scene in Rocky IV when Rocky’s splittin’ all those logs – me. That Commando scene where Schwarzenegger‘s choppin’ wood – yep, that’s me too.

Connor: So would you consider Twin Peaks your first big break as an actor?

Log: Absolutely. Like I said, I didn’t think of myself as an actor, but David (Lynch) saw something in me that I didn’t even see in myself.I still remember him callin’ me up to tell me I got the role. It was the call that changed my life.

Connor: The role of Log Lady’s log.

Log: That’s the one.

Connor: You alluded to it earlier, but around the time you got the show, you began to really struggle with addiction.

Log: Yeah, that’s putting it lightly. I was a full-blown drug addict. Twin Peaks brought so many great things into my life, but I was never able to deal with the fame. I couldn’t roll out of my own apartment without a swarm of bushes and twigs coming up to me. Drugs were an escape.

Connor: You mention one particular incident when the drugs had gotten so bad, you didn’t know if you would make it.

Log: I’m afraid you’ll have to be more specific (hysterical laughter). But in all honesty, I was high as a kite for the first two seasons of Twin Peaks. That’s why I never got to speak. Originally, David (Lynch) had written my character a decent amount of lines, but I was such a train-wreck at that time, he had no choice but to have Log Lady do all the talkin’ for me. Lookin’ back on it, it’s amazing I never got fired. I think he just liked having me around.

Connor: And when the show as over –

Log: I was devastated. TwinPeaks was all I had, and just like that, it was all gone. I struggled to find work. I was in a really dark place for a long time. But all that changed when I met Ruth.

Connor: Your now wife –

Log: That’s the one. Most beautiful Redwood log you’ve ever seen. I knew the moment I met her, she’s the one. And when she gave me the ultimatum, I quit cold turkey. Goin’ on 5 years sober this month.

Connor: Congratulations.

Log: I appreciate it.

Connor: And congratulations on the book. And the new seasonof Twin Peaks!

Log: I can’t believe we made a new season. After all this time. I’ll tell ya, life’s crazy. One moment you’re just a little sprout comin’ out of the dirt, and the next thing ya know, you’re on peoples’ Netflix accounts all over the world. What a trip!

Connor: I appreciate you coming on, Log.

Log: Hey, thanks for having me.