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September 07, 2008


Now tell me if that didn't get your attention...


Football season is upon us. Which is great, cause I live in an area mostly inhabited by Lions fans (I'm a Niner fan, and we will make it to .500, soon). And I saw a story on a newspaper with the headline; "Wait 'til Next Year!". Now, I know the Niners haven't been great or even borderline good since, well, Norv Turner left for San Diego. But at least I wait until the first game is played to decide if the year is a wash.

I had a co-worker tell me something strange this weekend. But apparently, with my new facial hair, I look like Orlando Bloom. Which is pretty weird, cause without it, I've been told I look like Tom Hanks. At one point in my life, within the two weeks it took me to grow my goatee and moustache, I lost twenty years and a lot of weight. I'm sticking with my own self appointed look-a-like, Emilio Estevez. I'm pretty sure a drunk Paula Abdul won't notice. A sober one either, for that matter. I don't care, I just want some cooch.

I love professional wrestling. It's the only place where one can find better actors and bigger assholes than the Republican convention.

Thanks to my free HBO weekend preview, I saw Disturbia and I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. I was also glad I didn't have anything sharp within my reach when I saw them.  Those movies sucked, and I felt like stabbing my wrists. No slitting them like some emo kid, just full on metal.

 I'm seeing a Girls Gone Wild commercial right now. I think I know one of them.

When I'm at college, I have a teacher who is always interested in what people did over the weekend. Because this is a pretty poor area, with a lot of working kids and adults, the answers are always the same, "Work". That's when I make up stories. So far, I've spent the summer looking for crystal skulls in an Aztec pyramid, and I hid a Jewish family from Nazis in my attic. At one point, they're gonna catch on that all I do is work also.

I'll say this here, but I hope word catches on...The Jonas Brothers look like something a dog crapped out. Their music is about as exciting. (Relax, I've been told I look like one of them.)