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September 05, 2008


Written in crayon by Melba Mazurky, Staff writer for the

"Mazurky Gazette and Coupon Overload":

  M A Z U R K Y   J A Z Z   F E S T I V A L

A minute and 37 seconds after the last car left the Ingaddadavidafest parking lot the Mazurky Jazz Feztival Committee began setting up for this venue.  So it meant a lot to us. The Festival was a semi-huge success.

Act line-up in the order thrown off the stage:


-The Electric Kazoo Olympic Bronze Medalists.

-Figleaf Newton.

-A trespasser named John playing spoons on a pig's ass.

-Scooby-doo and the Cartoon Jazz Plethora.

-Bill the Jazz Guy.

-Luke Warm's Atomic Jazz Fusion Melodrama All-star Jazz Ensemble.

-Ricolah Commercial Horn Blowers.

-Billyjoe Jimbob Georgeringo Mazurky.

-Jimee Hendricks and his five-foot flame-throwing accordian and ice-cream-truck-notifier.

-Alowishes "Sonuvahbiscuiteater" Jones with the Magical Musical Mofo Mistresses.

-Orangatang Mike, Jezebel Mazurky, Floyd Ignatius" Crotchatorria, and the Chucklehead Quartet Band.

-The Mazurky Turkey Warblers.



 Lineup disclaimer: the MazJazzFez is held every four years, along with the Leap Year BINGO Game and other Gottadime Production Events, so what was popular four years ago at the time of scheduling may not be so popular now.

2012 Mazurky Jazz Festival lineup to be announced sometime within the next four years.  As we say in the jazz world; see you then.